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Don`t make yourself too available!

By Liz C


In the Adult Dating game, it is not a good move to be too available, too ready

to drop everything.

Make sure that your day sounds busy and interesting.

Sell yourself as a busy successful person, whose time is

precious, and in demand.


Make the time together absolutely fantastic, so that each

moment is memorable.

Make your adult date feel wonderful and special, cater to their needs,

enjoy their company, and have fun, but don’t be available everyday.


When you answer the phone, say that you have just popped in

and that you are on your way out again!

Don’t chat for ages on the phone, be witty entertaining

and attentive, but brief.


 Always be a challenge!


Don’t lie and mislead anyone, if you are not looking for a

relationship, don’t make people believe that you are!

Adult Dating has to have clearly defined rules. Be honest

and upfront with your expectations.

However make sure that people in your life realise that you

have a life!

Don’t be at their beck and call. Make sure that they respect you as a

Person and respect the person that you are dating.


Adult Dating is just that, dating an adult, and therefore each person

should have clearly defined ideas about where they want this to go.

far they want to go and at what time span.


Most of all have fun with your Adult Date, enjoy each other.

Respect each other and treat, each other as you would like to be








By Leonora Cragg

Flirting has got a bad reputation, but it can be a healthy and honest expression of appreciation. If done gently and openly it doesn’t have to be disloyal, or the next step to an affair. Everyone should have lots of emotionally engaging relationships. We interact with friends, colleagues, brothers-in law…. It is just not healthy to be stuck looking at just the two of you!

Having a good barney can be a good way of clearing the air and sorting out problems. As long as there is no contempt or abuse. Arguments don’t have to be aggressive, but you do need to state your case, as bottling things up and letting hurts simmer can be worse than opening up. Passion is important, both in and out of bed, and stonewalling and refusing to discuss issues can be detrimental. `Don’t let the sun go down on your anger’ A good row and then a kiss and make up can be a great treat!

Does route mean rut? Do you settle for a take-away on a Friday or do you fly to Prague for the weekend, and then rally driving the following Wednesday!! We all need a comfort zone. Adults need security and dependability just as much as children do. Sometimes the effort that goes into acting rashly can be to great and we just need to snuggle down at home. We all need to get away and do something different and exciting every now and then, that’s why we go on holiday. But isn’t it good to get back home again?

Taking time out can be the best way to keep things fresh. No relationship fulfils every part of you. Pursuing outside interests is healthy, as we all have different facets to our personalities. Friends, hobbies and careers, which are outside the two of you, fill these differences. Time apart also highlights what you love about each other and how much you miss each other.



By Leonora Cragg

Keeping fit and supple, eating in a healthy manner, getting enough exercise Pays dividends. What better way to have a great relationship than knowing that you look and feel good. That you are confident and self assured.

Sexy foreplay, massage and sex itself are much more fun if you are fit and supple. Moving and being able to support yourself and bend without being out of breath are important.

Taking your time and feeling every movement, savouring the moment, touching and feeling, talking dirty. These are all ways of turning each other on.

Getting the oil out and giving each other a sexy massage with plenty of kissing, and touching. Strawberries and chocolate shared in imaginative ways are exciting.

Keeping yourself fit for sex and touching is a great confidence booster.


Are you a Dirty Flirt? Do you want a Horny Match? Feeling Erotic?


Finding a pair of fuck buddies, that are exciting and different, can lend a feeling of passionate tension and excitement to your sexual experience.

The fission or a new adventure, new feelings, and new moves! A different way of kissing and touching, starting with a social party, and drinks! Have a fling tonight and meet up as couples.

Swapping partners, and watching each other, while appreciating the excitement of seeing each other with someone different, can be an extremely erotic aphrodisiac. An aphrodisiac that can lead to great sex with new and exciting fuck buddies.

Find your partners and enjoy a new and exciting fucking experience.



By Liz C


Wife Swapping is openly adventurous. An ideal way of indulging in your passion for emotional and physical adventure.

If you want a fling but want to involve your partner, join the erotic wild wives club! Horny matches are very popular, and fuck buddies are more common than you would first imagine, if you haven’t yet dipped your toe in the water so to speak, go for it, it is great fun.

You will be in the company of the ancient Romans and Greeks as they partook in huge banquets and parties that often ended, if fact often started with group orgies. They often included dancers that were watched and then a dancer was chosen and then well and truly fucked, while interested parties watched and looked on and then joined in. The ultimate swinging party!

World War 2 1941-1944 also led to wife swapping with wealthy US Air Force pilots. Often their wives where stationed at the air force base along with them, and when they went to war, they held large farewell parties. A pact between the pilots was made, ensuring, that if the pilot did not return, then his colleagues would make an agreement to care for the widow, both financially and sexually. The Key Club was a unique way, of carrying this out during the parties. This meant that all the men put a bunch of keys into a pile and the wives would put a bunch out thereby determining who their sexual partner was for the night.

This kind of random choosing can be very exciting and certainly cuts down on any jealousy!



By Liz C

Is puckering up an offensive display emotion, when it is carried out in public?

In some cultures any form of physical or emotional display is frowned upon.
I am sure that we have all heard the expression ‘Cowboy’s don’t cry!’
Or ‘Stiff upper lip’

The point is that if you are going to be kissing in public then it is better to err
on the side of caution! Although it is not the most offensive display of affection,
it can be fraught with surprised looks from both the recipient, and onlookers.

Passing the time by kissing in public, where long lingering tongue jockeying is taking place can be embarrassing for onlookers.
So what! Don’t look! Actually when you are sitting facing people who are very involved in a passionate kiss, or even sitting near people and you have the sound effects, it can be extremely disconcerting!
The continental double cheek embrace can take people by surprise, if you are
more accustomed to the puckered lip peck. The air kissing on either side of the face that has become very popular of late, can seem insincere and false, but that is also a matter of opinion.

Stage embraces are often very exuberant and controversial, as was the over the top clinch that Richard Gere gave Shilpa Shetty at an AIDS awareness event in Delhi.
Apologises were made all round after that inappropriate display. This is a perfect example of a time and a place for everything!

Kissing embraces on the sports field, have also become much more acceptable,
whether it is a grasp of a team mates head and a smacker on the forehead, or on the lips. This form of embrace is highlighted by the pressure and expectations that we
as spectators place on our heroes.

No matter how you view a kiss, and what floats your boat when it comes to lip embraces, it is a very sexy way of expressing emotion and passion.
Done properly and with passion it is normally a prelude to sex.
Rubbish, you say, let me clarify. An embrace that is lingering and passionate, with
lots of tongue play, lips tasting and lightly brushing, becoming more demanding, is normally accompanied by hands in strategic places, therefore it is a prelude to sex, even if it is not on the same day!

I say enjoy and kiss away. I love a good snog! However I will say keep it appropriate, or it can become an uncomfortable spectator sport.



By Liz C

Do you want to rock someone`s world?

Well you can!

Meet someone special and allow yourself to get to know them.

Open up and enjoy yourself, be real and charming,
allow yourself to sparkle and shine.

People enjoy the company of cheerful, outgoing and confident people.

Be natural, listen to the person that you are with, look and be interested, in what they are saying. You will no doubt learn something and that is always a good thing.
Listen and learn

Ask questions. Everyone likes to be taken seriously and by asking questions,
it will ensure that your companion, takes note of you. Listening and
being attentive is a great aphrodisiac.

There is no greater aphrodisiac than paying attention!

It is a great compliment, when people take note of the things that you say.
Time is vital. Time is money, and therefore when someone invests time in you it
is a great compliment.

Do not abuse other people’s time by being miserable, bad tempered,
late, drunk, our spaced out. Always give of your best. Try to be the person that you would like to spend time with!

Take the plunge.

Meet interesting people.

Come out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself.


Adult Dating in Groups or Dating Couples

By Liz C


The nature of people can change depending who they are with at the time.


Consider this when you are dating.

A man in a group of single woman. The man would like to concentrate on one woman he has his eye on. He has spotted his ideal adult date and would like to get hot and heavy. He is imagining, feeling her breasts, touching her and rubbing himself up against her. Pulling her clothes up and or down whatever is appropriate, having his hands between her legs, and his mouth on her breasts. He is imagining her response,

and is getting as hard as a rock just thinking about it. He is thinking about the blow job that he would like and hoping that her pussy tastes sweet and wet.


In truth if she considers him her Adult Date then she is thinking and feeling the same,

She is also imagining his hands all over her body, and ultimately feeling his hard

penis between her legs. She is nice and wet just imagining it.


However this is the whole point, if she is with her friends, she is never going to act that way. When she is with her friends she is going to be cautious about the way that she acts, the words slut, dirty bitch and `hoe’ come to mind.

She will never act like a temptress in front of her friends, and therefore your Adult

Date will not progress until you have isolated her from her friends. As a guy looking

to score you might as well forget it unless you take control and get her alone. If she feels that she is being watched or scrutinised, then your Adult Date is not going to progress.


A single woman in a group of men. An Adult Date like this is doomed to fail.

The woman is going to be very self conscious, unable to relax and concentrate on one

Guy, and the guy is going to be too macho and conscious of showing weakness

to take the trouble to impress the woman the way he would need to seduce his Adult

Date. In fact all the guys are going to be imagining what she would be like in bed. The

thoughts would be hanging in the air, and until the Adult Dates pair off, it is a non-starter.


Unless you manage the isolation then you might as well resign yourself to masturbation.

The whole point of setting up an Adult Date is to get laid, so get him/her on their

own. Take control, think of the result and take the plunge!



Talking to People


Talk to everyone. Everyone has something good to offer, and then when you have

used up the small talk at least you will have gained the extra experience it takes to move on to the next person.

If you start off thinking `should I? Shouldn’t I?’ you will plant doubts in your mind and you will end up not doing it, and that will make you unsure the next time you are thinking about approaching and chatting to the next person.

A simple `Hello, how are u,’ said with a great smile could be the start of great chat and a good evening.


Talk with actions. Hold the door open for ladies, and please ladies thank the man that does that for you. It is called respect and it is amazing how good that is. Thank people

when they do something nice, and they will be encouraged to do it again.

Always be courteous it works wonders!


Be positive in your approach; don’t talk about your family, work, or money problems.

Don’t make it seem as though you are desperate, keep the tone of the conversation upbeat, interesting, and open ended, so that the person you are chatting to can respond and add to the conversation.


Don’t get drunk. Firstly it might be hard to form certain words, you might end up accidentally spitting on her, and it might be hard to remember what it was you were talking about.


Don’t bitch about ex’s, work mates, on how they cheated on you, and took you to the cleaners. People that you meet socially are really not interested in your past relationships, good or bad. Neither are they interested in your health problems, operations past or in the future. They are certainly not interested in seeing scars, tattoos, intimate piercing. 


Don’t spend the evening cracking silly tasteless jokes, or smiling like an idiot. You will look desperate, you will annoy people and be an embarrassment to all those around you.




The Act of Conversation


Small talk is very important in the social arena. Before going on your Adult Date

take the time to read newspapers, and catch up on current events. 

Listen to conversations that go on around you and take note of different opinions, and then take the trouble to form your own opinion and think about why you have formed

that opinion.


Listen to the way you speak, be conscious of the way that you phrase things.


If you swear a lot, tone it down.

Using the phrase `You know’ You know what I mean’  `Do you understand me?’

`I know’ `I know that’  `Ummm!’ `Yeah!’ and expressions like `Dah’ and `Loser’


All lack imagination, are irritating, and will seem to signify that you lack vocabulary.


Think about what you are saying, a good command of the English language is a very

powerful aphrodisiac, and it will go a long way in seducing your Adult Date. .  


The atmosphere for Adult Dating


Lets face it, if you want to shag, then you are going to have

to put in a little effort.


If you come back from a night out, and your abode looks like someone has tipped out

a rubbish bag out all over the place, or the place is full of clothes, even if they are clean! It really is an immediate turn off.

It is unlikely that your Adult Date is going to be opening cupboards, especially if you have prepared the lust factor, however a tidy, basically clean environment is a must, to avoid the `Oh my goodness, what have I let myself in for!’ reaction.


When you are lining up the Adult Date think positive and imagine them coming back to your place. Some candles, nice fragrances, some drinks and good music, all set the scene.


Make sure the bed is made and that the sheets are clean. It is not a good idea, when you are in the mood to walk into the bedroom and the bed is all over the place, as if

you have just vacated it!


If you have taken the time to seduce your Adult Date then don’t blow it just at the last hurdle. A little forward and positive planning will make you look like a successful

achiever, and not a slovenly slob!



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