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Are you reading her body language correctly?

Adult Dating can be very confusing.
As an Adult in the Dating arena it can be very difficult,
Or if you know all the tricks of the trade,
then Adult Dating can be fun exciting
and a big turn on.

Are you ready to be turned on with your Adult Dates?

Open gestures.

If a man looks at a woman and their glances lock, and then
she looks away, do not immediately look away.
No this is your chance to watch her reaction!

If she fidgets, or fiddles with her hair, her jewellery,
adjusts her clothing. Then you gaze has made her
As an adult date this is the reaction that you want.
This means that her emotions are excited, and she is
now ready to flirt.

Now observe her actions and her stance.

If she turns her shoulders towards you, exposes her wrist
to you, leans towards you while you talk to her,
Then what she is really saying is `Come and prove to
Me that you are worth my time and energy!’

If her legs are relaxed, with her knees, or feet turned
towards you, it means that she not only likes you, but is
also relaxed in your company.

As Adults Dating you will be looking into each other’s
eyes, if her eyes are dilated and you are able to hold her
gaze, it means that she likes you and enjoys your company.
If during the exchange she is smiling, then it would seem
as if you are well away.
However if she appears tense, her legs are stiff and
she is not smiling and or laughing at your witty
comments then, cut your loses, and move on to
someone else that takes your fancy.

Little touches. Fingers. Touching hands while
exchanging drinks. If she picks fluff of your jacket
or shirt, all intimate gestures. If she flips her hair,
looks at you while licking her lips or biting her lips,
you have a very good chance of starting a really fun

If you are getting these open gestures, then it would
seem that the date is going to be successful, and if you
have the same excited enjoyment, then relax and flirt
to your hearts content! This is what Adult Dating
is all about.

Closed Gestures.

Watch her if she rolls her eyes, crosses
her legs and turns her body away from you, then she is
If her knees are pointed away from you then forget it.

However if her knees are pointed towards you, then
it is not hopeless, she is just not sure.
If she sits back and crosses her arms, this means
She is not prepared to trust you and you might as well
forget her and set your sights on someone else.

Reading signs and signals Of Adult Dating.

Copy cat: It is normal and natural to copy someone
That you are attracted to. Adults Dating need to play
The Dating Game.
If you want to find out if someone is attracted to you,
hold her gaze, glance away and then look at your watch.
Count to 3 and then look back at your flirt partner!
If she is interested she will be looking at her watch!

The way a woman brushes her hair back is important.
For Dating Adults to take note of this is vital. If she
brushes her hair back slowly and seductively, you have
met an expert in the act of love. Slow deliberate and cunning.
A tease, that will get your pulse racing.

Licking glossy lips. Lips slightly parted. Blinking, and looking
under her lashes as she studies you, means that she wants you.
This is a great sign if you would like to be hunted, go ahead
Swallow the Bait!!!

Playing with her glass in a slow relaxed manner, shows a slow
Gentle seduction designed to draw attention to herself.

However sharp jerky hair flicks and nervy movements,
tapping her nails, against the glass, is either sending an
SOS to a friendly companion or indicates embarrassment.

All of these actions are intriguing and exciting. Playing the
Flirting games are fun and make your pulse quicken.
They are played daily and are an important part of Adult Dating.
Learn them well and watch out for them and will be a lot more
Successful. Ignore them at your peril!!


How to Flirt.  Tips that I have learnt by listening and watching



Always act confident, not brash. Both men and woman like to feel that they

are in the company of self-confident professional and respectable people.

 Have a sense of humour and be fun and charming.


Look out for and use the side-glance, you can sense a lot by taking advantage of your peripheral vision.


Be neat tidy and well groomed, clean teeth, clean nails and tidy hair go a long way.

Men please trim nose and ear hair. Make sure your hair is well styled and clean and

your eyebrows are neat.

Ladies your hair and make-up must be fresh and clean and UP TO DATE, please don’t look like you should be standing on the street corner, and or living back in the last century. Shave under your arms and your legs, you never know when you might want to disrobe!


Remember to breathe. Yes this might sound like a joke, breathe in breathe out! But it really does help to slow things down, it makes you look in control, focused and professional, as if you speak to people all the time and are totally unshakable. Breathe, talk in a purposeful manner, and consider the things that you are saying.


Talk in a lower voice, get close, and speak into the person’s ear. If you are near enough stand behind them and whisper in their ear, or near the side of their face. If they lean towards you and allow you into their space, then they are interested, if they move away and discourage your closeness, then I guess you know to move on.


If you are in a loud club and you want to attract someone’s attention then whisper in their ear. If you do that it is very sexy, conserves your voice, and makes you look sultry and sexy!


Join a singles site. What better way of meeting singles, or starting relationship than by

meeting like-minded people.


Learn interesting things; seek out quotes by interesting people. Read about interesting

people, not in a trash newspaper or showbiz magazine, but pick up an interesting biography. Learn a new language, so that you can slip in foreign phrases, where appropriate. Very sexy.


If someone is interested in you they listen intently, they meet your glance, and focus

on your face and your eyes. They watch your mouth, as you speak. All of these are signs of attraction and interest.


Make sure your eyes are clear and not blood shot, keep your breath smelling sweet with mints, and ensure regular dental check up’s. Brush teeth twice a day, and make sure that you lips are nice and smooth and soft, and not cracked and flaky.



More Flirting Tips For Adult Dates



Smile; smile and smile again. If you look as though you are walking on the

Sunny side of the street, then you will look successful, positive and great to be with.

Everyone enjoys being with a winner and if you are happy then you will look like a winner.



Please don’t use cheesy chat up lines, like `Are you a model?’ `Have you been in the movies?’ Please guys we are not stupid, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that every woman is so easily fooled by meaningless flattery, designed to score points.

If a compliment is sincere then just say it, and it will come across as sincere and not designed to be used as a chat up line.


Reading Body Language



Good Signs



She is adjusting her clothing, in a relaxed way.

Maybe her skirt is riding up a little, or her top is slipping off her shoulder.

He is adjusting his tie, or he is standing in a very masculine way.


Body Signals.

If her nipples are erect, or she flicks her hair, licks her lips, her eyes widen, and or are her pupils are dilated, she smiles a lot.

Her eyebrows raise and then lower, sometimes accompanied with a smile.

She draws attention to her breast by playing with a necklace, her collar, places her hand at her throat showing her palm or wrist.

Slides her hands up and down a glass, or plays with a glass.

Focuses her attention on you.

If he stands close and stands tall, shoulders turned towards you.

He stands close to you, while you are near a wall, or stands with his legs apart, close to you.

His eyes keep locking with yours. His glance follows you as you move about the room.

He talks to his mates and then watches you.



Good Signs


Sneaking a peak

Keep taking sidelong glances

Holding your gaze briefly

Blushing and glancing away, eyes downcast.

Posture is alert, standing tall.

Shoulders pulled back and chest out.

Body turned towards you.

Adjusting hair and clothing, preening and showing off.

Smiling and licking lips.

Eyes sparkle and eyes might narrow.

Dilated pupils

Touches their body drawing attention to erogenous zones,

lips, pelvis, breasts, flicks hair, or licks lips, smiles.

Leans towards you.


Touches you.

Stands close and shows intimacy.

Crosses legs and dangles a shoe at the end of toes.



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